A wide range of HEXIS adhesive vinyls and tools for warping and digital print! Immediate and quick delivery!

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We have the highest quality self-adhesive vinyl films line SKINTAC HX30000 and HX20000 for cars, boats, planes. The highest quality vinyl film SUPTAC S5000 is for outside, inside  and visual communication production and for vehicles promo wrapping (logo, notes and etc.) We have a wide range of different films for digital large format printing.
Tools, Accessories and Liquids for easy application and wrapping!

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Skintac HX30000

SKINTAC HX30000/HX20000 –cast vinyl films are for full wrapping of cars, boats and planes.Cast films are with air release line(for easy application).

Suptac S5000

SUPTAC S5000-the highest quality calendered polymeric film (for cut and weed of labels/lettering). It is suitable for inside and outside advertisement production, also for cars, planes, boats. Calendered PVC 65μm self-adhesive vinyl is easy cut and weeded (it easy peels off). SUPTAC film is water resistant and resist to aggressive environment.